Monday, 24 February 2014

MK Slow-Trade Marketplace

"An initiative with the aim of offering a 'slow' buying alternative to manufactured 'new' goods & establishing a permanent Eco-trade marketplace in Milton Keynes"

Opting out of mainstream consumerism means having an alternative place to shop for products which have less or no impact on the environment.The aim of the collaboration is to establish a trading marketplace in Milton Keynes offering only sustainable products.

Without compromising on quality or style and dedicated to selling;

restored, customised, organic, vintage, re-fashioned, handmade, pre-loved, natural, up-cycled, Fair-Trade, handcrafted, recycled items and products that offset the environmental harm caused by consumerism.

Calling all people with 1+ hours to spare, enthusiastic about any of the above or following; ethical fashion, photography, design, websites, interior, writing, event planning, printing, artisans, modelling, Eco-living, make-up/hair, PR, marketing, social media, or any skills not listed, please do connect via email

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