Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Power in our purses, people!

Hi I’m Lyndsey Latarche, a tiny molecule in this world and part of the ethical fashion movement - i love recycling!
"Globally, ethics within any industry should be see-through!"

Do we want to see? Not as consumers or manufacturers but as individual managers of our own lifestyle and beliefs?

I get the impression from some that "I should be living in a shack beside the river Thames, boiling water to drink",
Because I believe in 'recycling stuff' & 'ethical fashion'…
I’m frowned upon for using a mobile phone because I’m supporting 'new' products....
From my point of view, without new there wouldn't be a continual supply of 'preloved items', so my business reviving furnishings wouldn't last long! 

The point.... "Action doesn't have to be extreme to be effective"!!!

Unfortunately, there is a 'throw-away' attitude when it comes to fashion & furnishings which causes unnecessary waste.

But for those savvy spenders with trends in mind, we see a huge shift of money-conscious people wanting great quality items for less. The upside, re-using, reviving and recycling are now becoming a more popular way to buy or style ourselves and homes.

"With re-fashioned old complimenting new trends, creating a not-so-easy-to-imitate style is the most environmentally-sound choice anyone can make!" 
It positively reduces the strain on non-renewable world resources.

Supporting ethical causes and choosing to alter the way we spend - at least for some of the things we buy - and view the power to purchase as a vote more often, our actions will impact on "the negative practices being exposed currently by companies we hand cash to everyday";
"Why invest in businesses that don't bother to invest in their people?"
Life is a choice...probably at least for those reading our blogs today.
We can recognise and acknowledge that mine, yours and everybody's daily actions in the western world, impacts on global industries.
There are people (animals too) who suffer at the expense of our buying habits,

"Collectively, lives can be substantially improved by us ALL!"

Businesses, consumers and everyone else in between can make small changes to contribute to sustainability and commit to raising those industry standards and practices.

"Ethical fashion it's not just trendy.It's a whole new sustainable future..."

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