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MADE FOR CHINA - a trending report

MADE FOR CHINA – a trending report

 In the next 12 months global cultural capital will continue to overturn dynamically. 
 Countries that manufacture for the western consumer market are now celebrated with  their own brands on the catwalks and featured in glossy, high-end magazines

 China’s first luxury fashion brand NE-TIGER,
 renowned for its East-meets-West,
 ethnically inspired designs flourishes in this  market
 September 2012 saw the company’s  founder
 Zhang Zhifeng give a speech entitled
 ‘From China, to the World’
 before the brand presented its latest    haute couture
 ‘Huafu’ collection in Milan, Italy.

 Expect an increasing number of 'Western'  brands to launch new products or even  new  
 brands dedicated to consumers in emerging markets.
 After all, it's where the money is right now…So who has already jumped on the MADE  FOR CHINA band wagon?

 Big brands are busy introducing ‘cheaper’ brands in China, too, as many consumers in    
 emerging markets still do have less to spend than their counterparts in the West.

 Dior's very expensive Shanghai Blue Phone, only available in Shanghai stores - Hermès’ new Chinese brand Shang Xia, it’s store sells; decorative arts inspired by Chinese culture. - BMW’s limited edition,  orange metallic M3 Tiger to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its M3 model in China, which coincided with  the Chinese lunar calendar (the year of the tiger).

To name but a few!

 And the inspiration behind the naming of this trend: Apple's Shanghai store employees
 started wearing red t-shirts with the slogan 'Designed in California, Made for China'    written    
 in Mandarin. The message is a play on the words that are found on the back of all      iPhones:
 'Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China'

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